About the product

Organic neutral alcohol meets international production and quality standards. Having as a characteristic the high degree of purity without the addition of chemicals during the production process, it is used as a raw material in the food, cosmetic, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The production process

After the sugarcane harvest, the transformation process begins with the crushing of the cane, whose purpose is to extract the juice with the minimum loss of sugars from the cane, as well as to reduce the final moisture of the bagasse.

When leaving the extraction process, the sugarcane juice undergoes a treatment without the addition of chemical products to remove impurities, ensuring the organic classification of our product. The objective is to leave it with adequate quality for the production of ethanol.

At the distillery, after the fermentation process, the wine is sent to the distillation and neutralization columns. After strict quality control, the product is sent to storage tanks.

Foram produzidos em 2023

4.100,957 m³