Workers' Association
From Goiasa

In 2019, the Associação de Trabalhadores da Goiasa was created, a non-profit entity, with the objective of structuring the fair trade system within the Goiasa Usina, in addition to electing the Fair Trade Committee - CCJ to manage resources and socio-environmental projects of fair trade. The company's employees do not have membership costs and, with the exception of managers, managers and senior management, they have access to the benefits offered regardless of the form of employment contract. Entry is made through the Term of Adhesion at the time of integration of new employees. Click here and learn about the statute that governs the association's rules.

ATG Benefits

The Associação dos Trabalhadores da Goiasa offers a Dental Plan to Award participants and their dependents (spouses and/or minor children), with excellence in low-complexity care at the lowest cost-benefit for ATG. With the prevention and treatment of oral health, there is an increase in self-esteem, well-being and a better quality of life.

ATG also offers Scholarships for Technical Courses to the community, expanding knowledge and, consequently, the qualification of those interested. As a result, we provide professional and personal growth, improving the community's quality of life, reducing unemployment and poverty rates, and also enabling direct contact with the practical side required by the job market.

We have a pilot musicalization project for children and adolescents in the municipality of Bom Jesus. It is expected to contribute to the cultural and social evolution of the children and adolescents participating in the project, as well as to deliver, at the end of the cycle, an event that involves the community in an artistic presentation. The objective is to replicate this project in the other surrounding communities in the coming years.

Also part of the benefits provided by the Associação dos Trabalhadores da Goiasa is the supply of the Food Card to employees. This ensures better quality of life for the beneficiaries, promotes better health and nutrition conditions, makes the choice of food consumed more flexible and also encourages economic activities in the region.


It is a business practice that contributes to sustainable development, providing better conditions of empowerment for workers and communities that are recognized in need. Being Fairtrade certified means complying with the principles of Sustainability, Health, Safety and Social Responsibility. For Goiasa, these certifications bring great market differential, in addition to reaffirming its socio-environmental commitment.

CCJ – Fair Trade Committee

The Fair Trade Committee (CCJ) consists of the Association's governing body with responsibility for preparing, proposing and monitoring spending on new projects and courses, according to the Needs Assessment carried out with employees and the Expenditure Plan approved by the General Assembly.

Its members were elected by Goiasa employees and have a two-year term of office. They are distributed among the Industry, Agricultural, Automotive Maintenance and Administration areas. All employees participating in the Association are entitled to run for office in the CCJ.

Fairtrade Award

For each certified product that is sold, the buyer pays a bonus (premium) in addition to the price of the product. The total premium is allocated to an account managed by a Fair Trade Committee (CCJ), whose objective is to invest these funds to develop socio-environmental projects, as validated by the Workers' Association in the Annual Expenditure Plan.