Training and Development

Goiasa is always concerned with the quality and professionalism of its staff. It periodically offers internal and external training, focusing on strategic competences and skills to the company.

Below are some courses that are in company courses offered by Goiasa to its employees, following the criteria of growth in the function they perform.

- Training in Operation and Maintenance of Agricultural Tractors.
- Training of Industrial Maintenance Electrician
- Training Industrial Maintenance Mechanic
- Mechanical Training of Brakes Systems, Suspension, Steering and Transmission of Vehicles on Diesel.

We permanently conduct internal training, using our leadership as multipliers of several programs, always seeking qualified and the constant recycling of knowledge and skills of our employees.
Besides these several other programs, administration, maintenance, agricultural and industrial programs are also taught internally and externally in the several areas that make up our processes.

Educational Assistance Grant

As an incentive for continuing education Goiasa provides a subsidy of 40% as grant aid for employees who want to attend college, technical or graduate courses, provided they meet the minimum criteria for joining the program.

Caminhar Project

As part of the Continuing Education program we still have the Caminhar Project which includes the agroindustrial workers and aims at developing and awakening the sense of a citizen that is perfectly inserted and integrated in society and in work environments.