Communication Channels

Goiasa defends transparency, so it values and maintains a clear and direct communication policy among its employees. The information is sent to everyone, regardless of hierarchical level or position.

Several communication channels are used to spread information to the employees: through regular meetings for results presentations or any other matter where a specific professional for that purpose brings the information to the employee, from the operator to managers; our bulletin boards (each area has one where information is put every week), besides e-mails and other online tools that promote the immediacy of communication.

Besides the direct contact with the managers, employees can also access the BIS program – Bank of Ideas and Solutions, through suggestion boxes, with critics, ideas or complaints. They are in all the company at strategic places so that employees express themselves spontaneously, even if they are complaints. The forms are collected and analyzed and the employees, if they wish, get a feedback on their statements by the human resources manager of that unit.

But things won’t stop around there! Goiasa still has communication projects in the local community. Therefore, there are also suggestion boxes where the activities of Goiasa impact the lives of residents of the region, such places are Venda Seca, Meia Ponte, Brejo Bonito and the town Bom Jesus. Likewise, the forms collected each month are analyzed by a communication committee responsible for responding formally to the community through the form itself and with quick resolutions to the problems presented by the community. It is a regular and direct contact with people living with Goiasa, though not being part of his plan, identifying problems and proposing solutions.