People Management

Communication Channels

Goiasa defends transparency, so it values and maintains a clear and direct communication policy among its employees. The information is sent to everyone, regardless of hierarchical level or position.

Several communication channels are used to spread information to the employees: through regular meetings for results presentations or any other matter where a specific professional for that purpose brings the information to the employee, from the operator to managers; our bulletin boards (each area has one where information is put every week), besides e-mails and other online tools that promote the immediacy of communication.

Besides the direct contact with the managers, employees can also access the BIS program – Bank of Ideas and Solutions, through suggestion boxes, with critics, ideas or complaints. They are in all the company at strategic places so that employees express themselves spontaneously, even if they are complaints. The forms are collected and analyzed and the employees, if they wish, get a feedback on their statements by the human resources manager of that unit.

But things won’t stop around there! Goiasa still has communication projects in the local community. Therefore, there are also suggestion boxes where the activities of Goiasa impact the lives of residents of the region, such places are Venda Seca, Meia Ponte, Brejo Bonito and the town Bom Jesus. Likewise, the forms collected each month are analyzed by a communication committee responsible for responding formally to the community through the form itself and with quick resolutions to the problems presented by the community. It is a regular and direct contact with people living with Goiasa, though not being part of his plan, identifying problems and proposing solutions.

Recruitment and Selection

Goiasa wants to attract the best talents in the market. For so, the company maintains a database of professionals who are interested in being part of its staff and are hired whenever there is an open opportunity. In our selection processes we look for professionals with an entrepreneurial profile, who have dynamism, initiative, technical and leadership skills. If you’re one of those professionals, explore our open positions and sign up through the link Work with us.

Goiasa promotes the growth of its employees, prioritizing Internal Selection, an opportunity for everyone to grow professionally. Every Goiasa employee is encouraged to participate in an internal selection process, if he/she meets the criteria established and competence map for that opening.


Goiasa believes in the concept that a well-paid employee produces more and better. Therefore, the company constantly seeks excellence in its services and has been continuously growing since it was created, based on patterns of financial return consistent with the market in the region. To this end, we periodically make salary surveys to align information with our partners and competitors.

Remunerating each employee according to his/her performance is a way to recognize individual talents and participation of everyone in the company’s growth. So, Goiasa adopts the Profit Sharing Program, which is established by field for all the employees. In addition to this program we have several other systematic monthly awards, where we always try to establish a direct relationship of the results achieved with meritocracy. In Goiasa, the employee who makes more and better also earns more!

Training and Development

Goiasa is always concerned with the quality and professionalism of its staff. It periodically offers internal and external training, focusing on strategic competences and skills to the company.
Below are some courses that are in company courses offered by Goiasa to its employees, following the criteria of growth in the function they perform.

- Training in Operation and Maintenance of Agricultural Tractors.
- Training of Industrial Maintenance Electrician
- Training Industrial Maintenance Mechanic
- Mechanical Training of Brakes Systems, Suspension, Steering and Transmission of Vehicles on Diesel.

We permanently conduct internal training, using our leadership as multipliers of several programs, always seeking qualified and the constant recycling of knowledge and skills of our employees.
Besides these several other programs, administration, maintenance, agricultural and industrial programs are also taught internally and externally in the several areas that make up our processes.

Educational Assistance Grant

As an incentive for continuing education Goiasa provides a subsidy of 40% as grant aid for employees who want to attend college, technical or graduate courses, provided they meet the minimum criteria for joining the program.

Caminhar Project

As part of the Continuing Education program we still have the Caminhar Project which includes the agroindustrial workers and aims at developing and awakening the sense of a citizen that is perfectly inserted and integrated in society and in work environments.