Organic Crystal Sugar

Destined only for export, the Organic Sugar has conquered the international market. The product is certified by the Biodynamic Institute – IBD, the certification is made in accordance with international quality standards. The organic crystal sugar receives no chemical additives throughout the production chain, from planting to packaging.

VHP Sugar

The VHP Sugar is used as raw material for other processes and destined for the refining due to its high polarization. It can be used for consumption, but it is usually exported to several countries of the world for the production of refined sugar. This is a raw sugar, which allows customers to transform it into different types of sugar for consumption.

Conventional Crystal Sugar

It is a product of great versatility and is in constant improvement, meeting the international quality standards, satisfying the main food industries in the country.

Ethanol Fuel

The production is divided into anhydrous alcohol (for blending with gasoline) and hydrated alcohol (for direct use in engines on alcohol).

Electric Power

Sugarcane or sugarcane bagasse is an option for electricity

An old acquaintance of Brazilian people, the sugarcane, is able to generate clean and abundant electricity for the country. The most common process for generating energy through sugar cane is the one that uses steam. The burning of bagasse heats the water of the plant system and the steam moves the turbines connected to generators of electricity.