The Goiasa-Goiatuba Alcohol Ltda Installed in Goiás, in the Midwest of Brazil, began operations in 1991 with sugarcane processing for the production of ethanol (fuel). Now produces ethanol, crystal sugar, organic sugar crystal, electricity from sugarcane bagasse.

The Goiasa with the participation of more than 2,500 employees that make Goiasa the largest employer of the municipalities where it operates, and reference to the economy of the southern state of Goiás region.

Mission: To produce and supply renewable energy at the lowest cost with excellence in the service and in harmony with the community and the environment.

Vision: To be a reference in the sector as a company of high return to shareholders along with social responsibility.

Corporate Philosophy: Participatory Management, Competitiveness and Integration with the Community and Respect for the Environment.

Guidelines: Ensure the commitment of the employees, improve the competence of our employees, attract and retain employees, ensure the best-paid sale, increase the market share in the industry, ensure customer’s loyalty and satisfaction, ensure the effectiveness of internal processes, ensure the integrity of employees and compliance with OSH – SST legislation, collaborate for the improvement of the quality of life, ensure that the community knows the company, prevent environmental pollution and comply with the environmental legislation and regulations, promote the continuous improvement of management system.